Do Not Live In A School Bus!

Hey, I know you like to do your own thing! Your originality and out-there personality are things that people really love or for sure tolerate about you, and that’s great. No one is trying to change you. Definitely use your solar-powered refrigerator that even makes ice cubes and your hand-crank blender and your compost toilet and your no shower to your heart’s content. I’m sure you’ve even had your fair share of odd residences in the past! Maybe you once lived in a reappropriated carnival ride, or maybe you lived in a moon bounce in your friend’s basement because the rent was super cheap and when are you ever going to get another chance to live in a moon bounce? All are fine. Live life. But I do have to make one request of you, and it might sound harsh but it is really not meant to sound harsh and perhaps the fact that it sounds harsh is really a main part of the problem: PLEASE DO NOT LIVE IN A SCHOOL BUS!

Really the thing that stuck out to me from this incredibly long video about this couple’s anxiety cabin full of sweet childhood compartment dreams is HOW NICE THAT GUY’S DAD MUST BE! He comes to visit? And sleeps on a wooden plank? IN HIS SON’S SCHOOL BUS HOUSE?! What a dad! Here’s to that dad. You seem great. But maybe next time you should get a hotel room, YOU DESERVE IT! (Via ViralViral.)