That’s Your Proposal: “You Don’t Know Jack” Ad Proposal

It’s been years since you met your girlfriend at the steam punk renaissance fair, whatever that is, and you’ve decided that it’s finally time to make her yours for good — you’re going to ask for her hand in marriage. But how can you make the proposal special, you wonder? Hmmmmm. Hike a mountain or something and then ask her when you get to the top of the mountain at sunset and have a moonlight picnic? Nah. Cook her a quiet, romantic dinner at home and tell her everything you love about her before popping the question? YUCK. Kidnap her and take her to some sort of beautiful paper lantern festival and bring champagne? NONONONONONONONONONO. If only there were some sort of computer trivia game from a million years ago, that was also a TV show for about two minutes, that she maybe used to play, that is also in the midst of trying to revamp itself and become a game that people play in the year 2012 on their iPads that you could team up with for a viral video ad? Huh. Yeah, that would be pretty perfect, you guess. But where could you even find some sort of deal like that?

Wow. I guess it is true that love always finds a way. Congratulations to the happy couple, each of whom clearly DO know Jack! Hahahahahahha. (Via VVV.)