Silly Shannen Doherty Can’t Handle Hilarious Tradition Of On-Set Pranking

Actress Shannen Doherty, perhaps best known for playing Gage Sullivan in 1999’s Striking Poses is no stranger to on-set pranking. In this day and age, you cannot be a working actor in Hollywood and never get a taste of a little light-hearted on-set pranking between colleagues. It’s called showbusiness, not shownopranksbusiness. But apparently she can’t handle it. At all. Yikes. Good luck out there even. From ONTD:

Actress Shannen Doherty once quit her hit TV series Charmed after she was duped into thinking she won the lottery.

She recalls, “Every once and awhile when the lotto was really big, the cast would all go in and buy everybody on the crew and ourselves lottery tickets… The next day comes around (so)… I grab my lotto ticket, go back to the make-up trailer, sit there, look through the newspaper – and I’ve won. It was like $42-52 million, somewhere in that range.

OK, so far all I’m hearing is a pretty classic on set prank between America’s favorite performers, mixing it up and keeping it light even when the cameras aren’t rolling. But this is where things go off the rails for old No Pranks Doherty:

“I jump up – I’m screaming hysterically – I run out of the make-up trailer, I run to my trailer, I gather up all my stuff, I run to my car, jump in, put it in drive, and start peeling out of the lot.

“(The cast and crew) come running after my car screaming, I stop really quick, and I’m like, ‘What?’ And they’re like, ‘Where are you going?’ and I’m like, ‘I won the lottery, I quit!’ They had to tell me that I did not win the lottery and I was still broke and I still had to work. I actually cried hysterically, I had tears pouring down my face.”

Wait a second. When Shannen Doherty thinks that she’s won the lottery she pulls a Burger King cashier and throws her apron in her manager’s face?! Eesh. Don’t have a cow, cowabunga. It also sounds like she was part of a workplace lottery pool, right? If anything I feel like this was a test to see what she would do if she thought they had all won, which was clearly to take all the winnings and flee to Mexico. This wasn’t even a prank, it was just a way to test the strength of the lottery pool, because you know what they say: a lottery pool is only as strong as your weakest self-absorbed actress struggling through the early on-set twilight of her career.

She really might want to see somebody, no joke. Not just because the industry is changing and on set pranks are just part of the job now and she needs to understand that and embrace it if she wants to stay relevant, but also because crying hysterically because you thought you won the lottery and then found out you didn’t win the lottery while you were on set at your TV show is maybe not-ah-so-good. This guy knows what I’m talking about:

After Dr. Melfi explains to her what the lottery ducks meant, then maybe she can visit Dr. Dictionary and look up the word “broke.” It means something different than having a recurring character on a successful basic cable show about witches!