Daughter Ruthlessly Pressuring Michelle Williams To Marry Jason Segel

We’ve been on top of the Michelle Williams/Jason Segel love beat since they were first spotted holding hands at a movie premiere in April, so you might assume that we’d be impervious to the shocking gossip that might rock a casual Michelle Williams/Jason Segel observer to their core. Right? “These guys — they’ve seen it all.” “Nothing MW/JS related could shock these guys.” That’s what you think? Well clearly you have not read this piece of news (NEWS) about MW/JS and daughter and marriage yet BECAUSE IT IS VERY SHOCKING TO EVERYONE WITH NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!! From The Enquirer:

Said a friend: “You should hear Matilda talk – she wants to be a flower girl, and she tells her mom she wants a little sister. She knows that won’t happen if Momma doesn’t marry Jason – she she’s pushing for it.”

Michelle’s clearly caving to her daughter’s pressure, and to the charms of Segel, who’s lifted the dark cloud that’s hovered over her since baby-daddy Ledger’s 2008 death by overdose.

Said the friend: “Heath was 24/7 intensity, but Jason lives to make Michelle laugh, and that’s pretty hard for a gal to resist. Plus, he’s shown he’d make a great daddy. Bet on a marriage by the end of the year.”

Sounds like Michelle Williams needs to get out of this abusive mother/daughter relationship, if you ask this journalist. (Via Celebitchy.)