Best New Party Game 69: Heatwave Movies

69, DUDE! In honor of this being the 69th BNPG, you may either play along with the party game as I describe it, or you may play a far easier party game where you replace the number in a movie with the numbers 69. For example: Buffalo ’69. Very, very fun. OR you can play the “Heatwave Movies” party game, because holy moly it has been unbearably hot for such a long time and I honestly am having a hard time thinking of anything other than how hot it is! Is this just what summer is like? Is this what summer has already been — unbearable, inescapable heat? Terrible! To celebrate how terrible it is, let’s play the game. I will go first.

  • Hot Dog Day Afternoon
  • Out Hot
  • Air Conditioner Bud
  • For-sweating Sarah Marshall
  • Inside Man, Because It’s Too Hot Outside, Man

I feel cooler already just kidding I don’t think I will ever be comfortable again!