I Don’t See The Need To Have Taken Another Shot At Mariah Carey’s First American Idol Promo Picture, Do You?

Looks good to me! It’s definitely a little scary when you nail something so completely on the first shot because there’s always going to be that voice in your head that’s like, “I know this one looks perfect, but maybe if I had just tried one more time it would’ve been even MORE perfect,” but I think in this case you just have to silence that voice. You cannot get any better than this! I don’t want to spend a lot of time breaking down all the elements because the last thing you want to do with magic is over-explain, but let me quickly mention that the face — my goodness, the face is just unbelievable. That is a Grade A face. Perfect human smile and perfect human eyes, alight with the fact that they are not only from a human, but from a human who is smiling in a way that is completely natural. Was this photo taken candidly? Did Nick Cannon take this photo while he and Mariah were vacationing privately somewhere, perfectly relaxed and enjoying the safe comfort they find in each other’s presence? NO? THIS WAS A STAGED PHOTO TAKEN BY A PHOTOGRAPHER? Bananas. And what a bold move, to hold your hands in such a simple, relatable way for your American Idol promo photo. No flashy stuff here, just Mariah being Mariah — and you know what? It works. No, I definitely do NOT think they should’ve taken another shot at this Mariah Carey American Idol promo picture. (Image via Celebuzz.)