Developing Content For Twitter’s Reality Show!

I don’t really know how to introduce this piece of news because, as you will see, it is incredibly confusing and seems like a bunch of words that were randomly picked out of a refrigerator magnet word jumble that formed a sentence and then someone decided to just go for it but, uh, TWITTER IS DEVELOPING REALITY SHOWS! From CNet:

News leaked today that the social network might be gearing up to create several original video series that will air on its Web site. According to Adweek, the company has been hobnobbing with Hollywood executives and producers tossing around the idea of running a series “similar to MTV reality shows,” such as The Real World and The Hills.

The way it would supposedly work is the show would be presented in a standalone Twitter page that would include an expanded video player. Adweek reports that another idea is the series would be aired via tweets and users could click on these tweets to expand them into a video player.

“This is real,” an undisclosed source told Adweek. “This is more than just talk.”

The possible content of the show was not discussed. But there was a lot of talk about advertising and branding. According to Adweek, Twitter is aiming to get lucrative advertisers to sign on and in return the advertisers would get product integration and Promoted Tweets to run in the feed.

Hahah. “This is real.” “Ignore how you have no idea what any of this is and how it’s pretty clear that the people talking about it have no idea what it is either and how it kind of just sounds like something someone said while they were super stoned and wrote on a napkin but then the next day they could only read half of the napkin because of the grease smudges and just trust me that this is real.” One thing I know for sure, though, is that the possible content of the show was not discussed apart from the fact that it will include advertising (not even, like, if it is about Twitter at all? or are they just…WHAT?) and is 100% up for suggestion. SO LET’S.

  • A group of women between the ages of 18 and 20 compete in Bing bikini contests using Dell Laptops for American Eagle Bucks (the exchange rate to Real Bucks is just about 1:1).
  • A show about a comedian trying to “make it” on Twitter, and you just hate this guy so much.
  • A bunch of young strangers fill out profiles and go on dates and the first one who gets married is the winner and they get married in the Bud Light Lime chapel and the priest is the Geico gecko.
  • A person is in a grocery store and tweets about all the “beautiful fresh veggies” they’re buying, and then they go home and leave them to rot in their refrigerator, and it is a secret show that they don’t know they’re on.
  • Courtney Stodden reality show.
  • A This American Life type of show, except each “act” is just about a different tweet and every story is only about the kind of people who retweeted it vs. the kind of people who only favorited it, and then sometimes it’s about tweets that no one liked or favorited at all and it’s sad but then in the end it’s generally pretty happy or at least ok.

Good content! Let’s see if you guys can develop any good Twitter content for yourselves, huh?!