Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Jon Hamm is going to guest-star on an upcoming episode of Childrens Hospital as the hospital’s founder, Arthur Childrens. It sounds great. Can’t wait sounds great. -EW
  • This is a supercut of a bunch of 3D movies titled “Every 3D Movie Is The Same,” featuring all the same shots, side-by-side, from lots of 3D movies. They ARE all the same! And they all give me a headache! Terrible! Who needs them! -FilmDrunk
  • Both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are both staying at Comedy Central through 2014. That’s good! Are you happy about it? There are so many things that make you sad throughout the day, you should at least acknowledge that you are not sad about this. -Vulture
  • Our own Joe Mande is on Variety’s list of 10 comics to watch. Congratulations to Joe Mande! Also some other good people are on there, if you can believe it. You should look it will take about four seconds! -Variety
  • Bob Odenkirk was on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon recently and answered some questions from Tumblr, and apparently hinted that his character might SPOILER before Breaking Bad ends. UHDOY, though. Every character might spoiler. -HyperVocal
  • Here are Alison Brie, Megan Mullally, and Nick Offerman allegedly smoking weed together in a promo for Somebody Up There Likes Me. I’m sure you want to get to watching this so I will not stand in your way any longer. -WarmingGlow