At Least You’re Not Sorting Legos For 71 Hours

Just about everyone loves to complain, I think it’s safe to say. Each day, from the moment you wake up with a headache already to the sound of your totally annoying alarm just so you can get to the job you might hate on time, to the moment you finally fall asleep after tossing and turning on your mattress that is a little TOO soft?, we are each presented with an infinite number of things that are maybe not so good that we could spend a bit of time talking and talking and talking about to whoever will listen. But today — at least today — in those moments of stress, maybe you can take a second and remember that you are at least not sorting a million boxes of stupid legos for what amounts to DAYS! AHHH! At least you are not doing that. And that is something, SOMETHING IN THIS LIFE ON EARTH, to feel grateful for. Amen. (Via ViralViral.)