The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

Last night I watched a new series on National Geographic called Freaks and Creeps, where host Lucy Cooke travels to different places in the world and looks for weird animals, because I was scrolling through what was on TV and this particular episode was called “Weirdest Monkey Alive” and obviously when you scroll through what’s on TV and you see something with that title you are going to STOP AND WATCH THAT SHOW, and, oh man, was it ever worth it. Something that bothers me a little bit about the show is that its claimed MO is to find animals that aren’t “cute,” and, like, really talking about how “maybe these animals aren’t cute, but they are COOL!” but the messed up thing about their claimed MO is that EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL THEY FEATURED WAS VERY CUTE. Get over yourself, Freaks and Creeps. You can’t spend a whole show talking about why the proboscis monkey has such a weird nose and tell me you ain’t looking for shit that’s cute. In one scene, a mother proboscis monkey’s baby almost fell off a ledge, and the mother saved it and then patted it on the belly to make sure it was ok. ARE YOU SERIOUS? Also they showed dung beetles eating poop, which was surprisingly adorable. All very enjoyable. So if you’re ever scrolling through TV on a Tuesday night I guess maybe watch this show if you want to, or don’t if you don’t want to, it honestly does not matter to me one bit. LET’S LOOK AT ANIMAL VIDEOS!

10. Pygmy Goat In An Office

9. Raccoon Mechanic

8. Puppy Sits On Kid’s Head

7. French Bulldog VS. Tiny Rocking Chair

6. Vocalizing Walrus

5. Pelican Bully

4. Mom Helping Polar Bear Cub

3. Baby Hawks Fight Over Food

2. Baby Owls Peek Out Of Nest

1. Cat Saying “No No No No No”

There are other videos of cats saying “no no no no no” on the Internet, and apparently they are popular, but I HAVE NEVER SEEN ONE BEFORE! Maybe I should spend more time looking for/at animal videos? That’s probably the problem. In any case, this one is very good and will, I’m sure, bring a smile to your face EVEN IF you’re familiar with the genre. Owls doing anything with their silly owl heads are always cute, so congrats to them, and the baby hawks are tiny and still scary, so congrats to them as well. The mom helping her cub is just adorable, obviously, and if you can even believe it the pelican almost didn’t even make it into the countdown until I watched it a second time and realized how great it was. CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE!