Does Natalie Portman Mildly Dislike Christian Bale?!?!

Natalie Portman and Christian Bale, two film actors, are currently acting in a film together. They’re probably having a great time and enjoying each other’s company and falling in love on set, right? WRONG! They don’t get along a little bit! From the National Inquirer via Celebitchy:

Natalie Portman is so fed up with her “Knight of Cups” co-star Christian Bale, she’s ready to walk off the film set. But since she’s too much of a professional to actually quit, she’s quietly trying to come to terms with his unbearable behavior, an insider told The Enquirer.

“Natalie can’t stand him,” the insider said. “She thinks he’s tedious, arrogant and a disgrace to the acting profession.”

UH OH! Thank God Natalie Portman is such a professional. Although, “a disgrace to the acting profession”? Hahhahahah. Come on, Natalie Portman! (Or at least come on, inside source!) This is definitely an interesting and important story because outside of the acting profession, everyone loves all their co-workers always and never has any disagreements with any of them or anything bad to say about them over drinks with friends after a day at the office. “Jerry? He’s the best!” That’s all you’ll ever hear from America’s co-workers. Except when it comes to these movie stars because of how hard their lives are. If your life was as hard as a movie star’s life, and if you worked as hard as a movie star works, tensions would be high. You’d be like, “arrogant.” But so let’s delve deeper into this fascinating human portrait and really understand what is going on between these two treasures!

Natalie and Christian have just an hour’s worth of scenes to film together, but Christian’s need for perfection and to be the center of attention is causing the shoot to drag on forever. And that’s driving Natalie nuts, says the insider.

“Christian is constantly frustrated by his own work and incredibly intense and highly stressed over each scene,” noted the source. “He’ll insist they shoot over and over again because he didn’t like how he punctuated a line or something. Sometimes they wind up spending all night on the set just to satisfy Christian’s obsessive perfectionism.”

“Natalie’s really offended by Christian’s behavior and feels he’s completely dismissive of her… she thinks he’s all about his ego, and he doesn’t care who he insults or inconveniences.”

WHAT A CRAZY SCANDAL! Natalie Portman is sick of Christian Bale’s ego because he is dismissive of her and not respectful of her ego. MAYBE THEY SHOULD JUST GET MARRIED ALREADY! Hey, remember when the police were called to Christian Bale’s room because he SHOVED HIS MOM?! Natalie Portman should be more careful. Loose lips get ships SHOVED. We will continue to follow this incredible story, which I’m sure will have many more important and wild updates full of intrigue.