Baby Regrets Temporary Tattoo More Than Most Adults Regret Their Real Tattoos

This video is annoying for two reasons. First, it’s just another reminder that babies will cry about anything. Stupid old baby. IT’S A TEMPORARY TATOO, YOU BABY! That thing is going to come right off your thigh and also why do you even care? You got a big job interview coming up at Baby Corp and you HAVE to wear shorts? Grow up. Things happen. Enjoy yourself, we’re all going to die one day. But this video is also annoying because the intensity of this baby’s regret is totally appropriate for the actual tattoos that many adults get, but adults never react this way, even though they should. Tweetie bird is slam-dunking a soccer ball into Norman Mailer’s mouth with a thought bubble coming out of his head that says “Me So Horny” on your FACE. Why aren’t you WEEPING?! Oh right. Because you, like a baby, are an idiot. (Via TastefullyOffensive.)