This Is Just A Good Photo Of Snooki With The Gingriches Tweeted By Calista Gingrich

OH HEY! REMEMBER WHEN NEWT GINGRICH WAS BRIEFLY CONSIDERED A VIABLE CANDIDATE FOR THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES?! Just kidding. No, I mean, he was, but this picture doesn’t really mean anything. It’s a classic case of PARTISAN POLITICS to look at this picture and think that it means anything. Because guess what: Barack Obama–excuse me–President Barack Obama referenced Snooki in a publicly televised speech, which is WAY WORSE! Admittedly, it was the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, which is basically Washington DC’s version of The Jay Leno Show (never forget), but still. That’s the president! The good president! The one that we were like “oh man, love this guy!” So this is nothing. They met on the set of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno! Speak of the devil! Of course they did. What a great episode of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. It’s too bad they don’t sell DVDs of that show! That show is a keeper. And so is this photo! What a cool press opportunity (cool press opportunity) for Snooki to look like she I don’t even know what, and for the Gingriches to seem a little more youthful, a little less like a pair of philandering Crypt Keepers. Calista even tweeted it. Twitter! The kids love Twitter these days. Well, they used to. Pretty sure this tweet officially ended Twitter. Goodnight, Twitter! You were a beautiful bird that flew too close to the Provaxil. (I just made up that drug name! Because old people take drugs! And Calista and Newt are old! Please RT.) (Via @callygingrich via @artalamo.)