Go Ahead And Let Those Emotions Out

Here where I live, in New York City, (Brooklyn), you can’t really go anywhere without seeing people letting their emotions out in ways that can both make you uncomfortable and make you feel better for when you have to let your own emotions out but are in public. As we speak, there is a person screaming outside my window. Often when you take the train, there will be a person crying on the train, or there will be a couple fighting on the train, or there will be a crazy person on the train who is shouting at no one in particular. People scream at their cell phones while walking, constantly. People laugh at podcasts they’re listening to while they sit on a park bench by themselves. People invite the person they’re having brunch with to be their sex partner and then explicitly list what that will entail while they are AT BRUNCH and THE ONLY OTHER TWO PEOPLE in the backyard area of the brunch restaurant last weekend. It’s as if everyone is under the impression that they are in a soundproof room far away from anyone else when, in reality, they are standing right next to you in open-air. And that is why New York City is home to all of the most mentally stable people in the entire world. LET THOSE EMOTIONS OUT, EVERYBODY! What are you waiting for?! To NOT be on TV doing your news anchor job, while you for some reason watch a viral #FAIL video of a woman trying to go up an escalator in a wheelchair, before you begin laughing at the woman in the video to the point of not being able to speak? Don’t wait for that! Let it out! Laugh it out, lady!

There we go. (Via GotchaMedia)