The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

A friend of mine recently got a puppy and I just met her puppy recently and, you guys, PUPPIES ARE SO FUN TO PLAY WITH. It was honestly completely rude how I went to my friend’s house to visit with my friend and then spent the entire time playing and speaking in a stupid voice to her puppy. But man, that puppy. So great. I’m not sure how Gabe ever gets anything done working with Birdie around. (Which is maybe like when people tell me that they’re not sure how I get anything done at work because if they worked for a blog they’d play video games all day?) (Like, just nonsense.) (But I do think the puppy thing is reasonable.) Anyway, so, we’ve waited long enough today. IS EVERYBODY READY FOR SOME ANIMAL VIDEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS? Lets get to them. Lots of good ones today. Lots of dogs. One dragonfly, too, which is actually something that scares me in real life but gets a pass here. Great. Perfect.

10. Alpacas Trying To Eat Apples

9. Shark Steals Fish

8. Dog Vs. Cars

7. Hand-Feeding An Injured Dragonfly

6. Child Walking With Cat

5. A Dog Prancing Around In A Field

4. Kitten Grooming Baby Lamb

3. Tiny Kitten And Big Doberman Maybe Shouldn’t Play, But Are So Cute Anyway

2. Hahaha, “Cow Tells Dog A Secret”

1. English Bulldog Puppies Just Existing

Wonderful job to everyone, especially the English Bulldog puppies who, like many puppies before them, merely had to exist to win the top spot. You guys are great! I wish I had you! Lots of videos this week are kind of things that maybe shouldn’t happen (like the child carrying the cat?), but somehow they all seem harmless and cute. Such is the animal video way. Wonderful. Goodnight!