A Sweet Marriage Proposal Video Because We’re All Human

It’s public marriage proposal season, as we know, and one thing it’s important to remember is that a marriage proposal doesn’t have to be performed in front of all of Disney World with your family and best friends, dressed in dog costumes, doing a choreographed dance to “Marry You” by Bruno Mars while your future fiancee looks on in horror to be considered “public.” That’s a very good choice for your public marriage proposal, obviously, but it’s not the only way! The only thing you need to do for your marriage proposal to be considered “public” is to record it and then put it on YouTube and mail it out to different websites like some kind of creepy weirdo who wants everyone to know all about the life and love of you and your chosen life-partner. “I didn’t do this for us, baby. I did it for reddit.” With that said: THIS ONE IS PRETTY CUTE, GUYS! Let’s all gawk at it and come to feel happy for these people we’ll never meet in our whole lives.

Cute. She seemed surprised! I enjoyed this! SO WHY AM I STILL SO UPSET? (Via ViralViral.)