Naming The Brand New Take On “Sleeping Beauty”!

It feels like there have already been so many takes on Sleeping Beauty, and that might just be because this porn-y one shows up on Netflix sometimes, but even so I think I can speak for most of us when I say: ENOUGH! (Also it’s probably definitely just because I’m thinking of Snow White.) (Is there even a difference?) (NAME ONE THING THAT’S DIFFERENT ABOUT THEM.) Anyway, here is a new stupid take coming to a theater near snooze, from The Hollywood Reporter:

With Disney in production on the Angelina Jolie starrer Maleficent, producer Neal Moritz is moving forward with a comedy take on the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale that turns the slumbering sweetie into a pesky stalker.

The 21 Jump Street producer is developing a modern-day retelling that finds the male protagonist accidently awakening Sleeping Beauty and finding that he can’t get rid of the lovestruck heroine.

RUH-ROH! What a laugh-a-minute twist, showing both that you have to be careful what you wish for and also that girls drool and boys rule, and also that Emma Stone might quickly turn too old for this role so we HAVE TO MOVE FAST! So far the movie has no writers and no name, just this sparkling premise, and we can at least help them out in one of those two areas. My suggestions:

  • Sleeping Dummy: A Moden Day Scarie Tale
  • Why’d I Haveta Wake THIS One?
  • Bros Before Sleepy Hoes, Unless…
  • Oh Brother!
  • Jack and the Sleep Stalk(er)

Those are definitely good, but I think they need your help, too!!! Help them!! Help them come up with a name!!!!!