New Neil Young – “The Painter” / New Junior Senior – “Take My Time”

Go here and click on “The Painter” to stream a tune from Neil’s forthcoming Prarie Wind. Dana Carvey used to do a great bit about all Neil Young songs sounding the same: he played Neil’s favorite four chords and whined lyrics like “Dead dog lying in a ditch…” Anyway, that’s darker Neil Young; if “The Painter” is any indication, Prarie Wind finds the legendary songwriter back in Harvest mode — and there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.

For something completely different, download Junior Senior’s “Take My Time” at Fluxblog. As infectious as the last Jr.Sr. track Matthew posted (“Itch U Can’t Scratch”) almost six months ago! Sadly, still no domestic release for Hey Hey My My Yo Yo ($35.99 import out 9/4). If you’re dying for more, hit Junior Senior’s official Japanese site for sound clips from the album.

UPDATE: Another new Jr.Sr. tune at Marathon Packs.

UPDATE 2: Thanks Robin: Dana Carvey – “Every Neil Young Song You Ever Heard” (MP3)