The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Piranhas And The Dark And Death And Abandonment And Everything

A big part of adult life is learning to overcome your fears. As you get older, the things that once terrified you become benign or, at the very least, survivable. Often times we are confronted face-to-face with something that scares us and when we live to fight another day we learn the cliche but genuinely valuable lesson that what doesn’t kill us actually can make us stronger. The dark is not a magical realm where all of the creatures with knife teeth and bleeding eyes live, it’s just the dark. Quicksand doesn’t exist. Sharks don’t live in swimming pools. Your parents will never die. And then all of a sudden you are reminded of a childhood fear, piranhas, which you had pretty much forgotten about entirely, because you’re a big boy now, and OK all it’s doing is biting a stick but even just seeing it bite a stick draws up something deep and black from the well of your soul and you realize on a fundamental level that OH, WHOOPS, WAIT A SECOND, MONSTERS ARE REAL, THE DARK IS A NIGHTMARE, EVERYONE IS GOING TO DIE, AND EACH SECOND IS JUST A RAZOR WIRE TIGHTROPE OVER THE ABYSS. Yikes. Oh well. TGIF. (Via TheAwesomer.)