This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

You would think, what with the Comic Book Convention of 2012 and everything, that there would be more HIGH PROFILE movie trailers this week, but the only real big one is The Wizard Of Oz Franco. But so we have that! And also a couple pretty decent light-hearted independent comedies about life and jumping into life. And they’re all right here, right now, after this jump (incredible!):

Oz the Great and Powerful

I like Sam Raimi’s movies, and I’m always happy to support your boyfriend, James Franco, out of my love for you, but obviously we do not need a new Wizard of Oz movie. But as they say: Gotham gets the Wizard of Oz movie it whatevers not the one it whatevers. We’ll see it, it’s not like any of us is confused and thinks we won’t all see it.

Sleepwalk With Me

This movie stars Mike Birbiglia and Lauren Ambrose, featuring Marc Maron, Hannibal Buress, and Wyatt Cenac.

Hello I Must Be Going

This looks good! If you guys didn’t know, Oscilloscope Films is the independent film distribution company founded by MCA (may he rest in peace) and they pretty much distribute all the best new independent movies! So I am always curious about their new titles. Including this one.


Sure! David Duchovny! And the funniest cast member of Modern Family no offense to the other cast members of Modern Family! Although I don’t really believe that a teenager would just punch an adult in the face like that. I call shenanigans on that. But otherwise: light-hearted, “smart” person gentle comedies about people finding themselves in boarding school are weirdly almost always appealing to me. Probably because it is very different from my own experience. You WASPS are fascinating creatures!

William Shatner’s Get a Life

As someone who was never really into Star Trek, the only thing I’m less interested in is movies about the fetishization of Star Trek, of which it seems like there are a bunch. I’d be cool with, like, 12 minutes worth of footage and conversations about what it means to love Star Trek so much and after that I want to watch something else, or read a book, or take a nap, or yogurt.

Comes a Bright Day

Poor England. I’m starting to get the sense that that place is just WALL 2 WALL HEISTS.