Hey, This Is Nice: Family Fulfills Deceased Man’s $500 Tip Wish

This whole week seems to have been focused on different people arguing about their right to be shitty to other people, and I have to say guys, it has been kind of a downer. Hard to have a nice night hanging out with your pals when your day was spent digging deep into celebrity hate bloopers, and you know the next day will probably bring more of the same! Is this what it’s like to work at a health insurance company? My goodness. How do people do it??? I used to have a job where I had to tell people that the concert they wanted to go to was sold out and THAT WAS BAD ENOUGH! (One time a lady told me she was going to CALL THE POLICE because she couldn’t get the tickets she wanted to see Tracy Morgan.) Anyway, I think we could ALL use a little slice of goodness and happiness or at least non-awful this afternoon. Huh? I think so. Here is a video from some people who fulfilled the very sweet wish of their deceased family member.

Phew. Deep breath. We’re all gonna be ok, maybe, unless we’re not. Either way. Keep on trucking. Don’t tread on us. Tip your waitresses. Share the $500 with the kitchen, but only if you want to. (Via Gawker.)