Duh Aficionado Magazine: Nancy Grace Is Still The Worst

In case you were wondering whether Nancy Grace was still the worst, or if maybe somehow something had changed while you weren’t paying attention and she is no longer the worst, today’s news confirms that no not even, she’s absolutely still the total worst. From the HuffingtonPost:

Nancy Grace is in the spotlight again following the suicide of a 29-year-old Minnesota mother of four who was recently featured on her television show.

According to the St. Paul Park Police Department, Toni Medrano, of Cottage Grove, Minn., died Saturday at a local hospital. It is believed Medrano’s death is the result of a July 2 incident in which she allegedly set herself on fire while visiting her mother’s St. Paul Park home.

Last month, Grace dubbed Medrano “vodka mom”, because the woman had allegedly killed her newborn after a night of heavy drinking.

Oh brother. What happened? Here is what happened:

“The baby is dead because of vodka mommy,” Grace said during her June 11 show on HLN. “I don’t care if she was driving a car, holding a pistol or holding a fifth of vodka. [It] doesn’t matter to me. The baby is dead at the hands of the mommy.”

According to the criminal complaint, a preliminary blood-alcohol test conducted by police showed Medrano’s level to be .11 percent, which is three points higher than the state’s legal driving limit.

An autopsy by the county medical examiner’s office determined Adrian Medrano had died of “asphyxia due to being laid upon while sleeping with an adult.”

In June, Medrano was charged with two counts of second-degree manslaughter. If convicted on both counts, Medrano would have faced a maximum of 10 years behind bars.

During her television show about the baby’s death, Grace said the charges filed against Medrano weren’t harsh enough.

“I don’t see how this whole thing was an accident and I want murder charges,” Grace said.

So, just to clarify: a woman with an obvious drinking tragically killed her own baby and was put on trial for it, and Nancy Fucking Grace used her bully pulpit, literally, to publicly harass and humiliate a devastated woman…for what end?! Nancy Grace is a former prosecutor (albeit not a very good one) so she should have at least a modicum of an idea of how the law works, and the law doesn’t change just because some asshole in a silk blouse is a jerk about it. Vilifying that poor woman was never going to bring the baby back to life. It was never going to make people stop have drinking problems or make bad decisions. Horrible things will continue to happen in this world regardless of Nancy Grace’s shrieking no matter what, but the shrieking is clearly not helping. The worst! She’s a bad person! Fair enough, there’s lots of bad people, but do they all have to get a TV show? Let’s just take away her TV show! There, I said it, now make it happen. I clearly have about as much of an idea of how TV works as Nancy Grace does about justice. SUSTAINED! (“Thanks” for the tip, Amy.)