Best New Party Game 67: Slightly Incorrect And Evasive Movie References

Mitt Romney was on some Fox News show recently and was asked over and over again if he could give us any clues about the person he plans to choose as a running-mate, and instead of doing that he made a CLASSIC SLIGHTLY INCORRECT MOVIE REFERENCE!

Perfect. So good. I wish I could reverse Men In Black Neuralyzer (NEURALYZER) that into my brain so it’s the ONLY thing that I remember. But I can’t do that. What I can do, though, and what we can all do, is play the very obvious, super easy party game that this little blooper leads to: slightly incorrect and evasive movie references! Me first:

  • Yeah, I could tell you, but then I’d have to Click wiimote us BOTH back to the start menu.
  • I’d tell you that, but then I’d immediately have to call Mr. Goblin and ask him to take you away to the baby swamp.
  • Who are you, Nixon? From the historical drama Frost/Nixon?
  • You’re asking me that? On this, my daughter’s birthday?
  • Take it easy with the questions, I feel like you’re about to cut off my nose like in Reservoir Dogs!

See! Who says party games have to NOT be kind of weird and complicated in order to be fun! PLAY BALL! Play ball better than I did! (Via GotchaMedia.)