The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

I lot of times I’ll say something here like, “OH THANK GOD,” or whatever, about how it’s finally time to watch some animal videos, and I do mean it every single time, but more than all those other times I mean it today. OH THANK GOD. Finally we can sit back and not think about anything bad and only think about everything good: animal videos. Put on some music, too, maybe. Maybe the new Dirty Projectors album; it’s very good. For a lot of these you don’t need sound so it’ll be ok. Also, maybe go get a class of cool water to drink? Doesn’t that sound good? Some animal videos, some music, and a little bit of water to drink. Life can be beautiful. Generally it isn’t but sometimes it can be. Let’s get to these videos before the beauty escapes our gasp.

10. Sleeping Chihuahua

9. Boxing Kitten

8. Playing Hide And Seek With An Irish Terrier

7. Dolphin Kisses Dog

6. Cat On A Wheel

5. Dog Sticks Out Tongue

4. Cow Tries To Kiss A Dog

3. Siberian Tiger Cubs

2. Two Bear Cubs Playing In The Snow

1. Baby Guinea Pig Loves Boston Terrier

No one needs to be called out today for a special congratulations. They’re all winners. We’re all winners. But especially the Boston Terrier and little Guinea Pig are winners because my goodness those two.