Beware Of Benedict Cumberbatch, Ladies!

Benedict Cumberbatch, am I right ladiiiiieeeeees (and fellas who really enjoyed the BBC’s updating of Sherlock)?! BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH! What a perfectly named dreamboat, NO LORRIES. Obviously, you are not the only one who is in love with Benedict Cumberbatch. Come on. It’s a big world out there. All the ladies love him. Don’t be selfish. Many of these ladies have apparently taken to calling themselves “Cumberbitches.” (Great work picking out your name, gals. You’re going to sweep at this year’s Namies!) This is enough of a thing, this Cumberbitches thing, that there is already a @cumberbitches Twitter handle with almost 30,000 followers. And he gets asked about it in interviews. Here’s his answer from his interview with InStyle UK (via Celebitchy):

On The Cumberbitches: “I wish my 15-year-old self had known about my allure to the opposite sex! It’s flattering, though I worry about what it says for feminism, it’s quite a pejorative term… Cumberbabes might be better.”

HE IS WORIED ABOUT WHAT IT SAYS FOR FEMINISM. Of course he is. “The main thing that concerns me about my female fans is that I haven’t made their brains, which are their real erogenous zones, explode out of their vaginas yet. Hold on. OK, there we go.” (Two seconds later he points out that he really wants to have a baby. GUUHHHHHHHHH, LADIIIIIIIEEEEEEEES ARE YOU OK?!?!?!!?!) This guy! Benedict Cumberbatch! Please be careful out there, girls. This sex monster will clearly say ANYTHING.