Six-Year-Old Drummer Just Totally Nails It

It’s hard to put any qualifications on videos of tiny babies playing musical instruments as if they were talented adults on account of how they are ALL PERFECT, but I think we might all agree that, if were were to attempt to judge them there would be a few different elements of perfection to look out for, and they would be as follows:

  1. Silly faces while nailing more challenging parts of the song.
  2. The suggested idea of being “self-taught,” even if you, as a viewer, don’t really believe it because give me a break.
  3. An air of not really seeming like you even know where you are, because you are a baby.
  4. Tiny body.

Congratulations to this child for just nailing it in all the different agreed upon areas. You really did it. 30 minutes of extra TV time tonight. (Via DailyPicks.)