Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • 50 Shades of Grey is officially going to be a movie, I guess, and will be produced by the same team that did Social Network. Finally, they’ll get the Oscar they deserve! -HollywoodReporter
  • Jeremiah McDonald, the guy who recently had the video SENSATION of him talking to his child self, did an interview with Entertainment Weekly’s PopWatch blog. It, like the video, is endearing, and it is a little behind-the-curtain-y. -PopWatch
  • Want to know what movies make celebrities cry? I assume you do. One celebrity says 50/50 makes her cry, and I know that that is not a lie because even THINKING about the scene where he leaves him at the hospital and doesn’t want to say goodbye or whatever makes me almost cry. -ONTD
  • Here’s a new episode of the web series “7 Minutes in Heaven,” featuring Jon Glaser. -PopCultureBrain
  • Wes Anderson wants so many famous people to be in his next movie that I bet if you try to guess some of them, a good amount of your guesses will be correct. What a fun game! -AVClub
  • A bus crashed into Sandra Bullock’s movie set. DO YOU GET IT? -FilmDrunk
  • You can listen to the whole Dark Knight Rises soundtrack streaming online, if you’d like to. Any crazy Hans Zimmer fans out there? Was anyone going to see the movie just to hear the Hans Zimmer soundtrack and now you’ve saved yourself somewhere around $15 or whatever? -EmpireOnline
  • Here’s Paul Rudd performing a song with Reggie Watts on Comedy Bang! Bang! spinoff web series whatever thing, “Reggie Makes Music.” Oh, great! Sounds great! -WarmingGlow