The Perfect Crime: The Barbecue Chip Bandit Gang

It must be hard when you’re a high-caliber criminal working at the top of his/her field to scan the headlines and see lesser crooks getting attention. This one stole a tricycle from an autistic child. This one streaked the Olympic torch. Amateurs! You call those crimes? Fine. But then what were those eight years spent in a Chinese prison learning how to bend your opponent to your will and contort your own dark soul into a compressed diamond of pure will fueled by revenge even about then?! On the other hand, it is nice when a true mastermind (or in this case, a pair of masterminds) gets the credit and attention that he/she/they deserve. And so, after years of planning, two drunken college girls who stole a dollar bag of barbecue chips out of an open garage on their stumbling walk home to the doors finally brings the civilized world to its knees.

Some women just want to watch the world barbecue. (Via BlameItOnTheVoices.)