We Just Are Not Living Right

Sure, this new music video from French Montana featuring Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne isn’t particularly ground-breaking. The first hip hop video to feature bikini clad booty models walking dripping wet out of a pool to open a new bottle of champagne was actually filmed by the Lumiere Brothers in 1459 and it was called “Le Train,” or whatever. And yet, AND YET, that makes it all the more painful to remember that some people know how to live their lives and some people do not. Namely, French Montana, Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne know how to live their lives and the rest of us do not. Guys! We’re doing it wrong! “But Gabe, while we understand your point about people having what seems like fun in contrast to the day to day pain and suffering of actual life, surely you recognize that the misogynistic objectification of women and the emphasis placed on alcohol and material wealth aren’t actual signifiers of a life well lived, and if anything these are the exact same dangerous distractions that we encounter in the real world and lead us down a path of misery and dissatisfaction.” UH NO WONDER YOU ARE NEVER INVITED TO THE GOOD PARTIES. (Music video via Stereogum.)