Sometimes Hellboys Are The Sweetest Kind Of Boys

Hey, this is sweet! Come over here, let’s read this sweet story together and feel happy for a few brief moments in this miserable Monday, you Garfields. It’s about Ron Perlman being a sweetheart and a child being adorable. From The Hollywood Reporter:

Six-year-old Zachary had expressed to Make-A-Wish his desire “to meet and become Hellboy.” The boy is undergoing treatment for leukemia, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Enter Spectral Motion, the creature effects house that brought to life the many fantastical characters in Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy (2004) and Hellboy 2 (2008). They in turn approached Perlman, who “loved the idea and donned the makeup once more,” Spectral Motion said on its Facebook page.

Perlman then underwent the four-hour makeup application procedure it takes to become Hellboy and shocked a delighted Zachary — who later got the opportunity to become a pint-sized Hellboy himself.

Obviously this is very nice, and I highly suggest you go to the Facebook page and look at the rest of the pictures unless you have a heart condition because MY GOODNESS your heart is going to fail, but it does make you wonder what kinds of beautiful Make-A-Wish requests get denied by people not willing to go through four hours of makeup and spend a day eating out of a straw because they can’t eat with their Hellboy hands on. Like I wonder how many times Rik Mayall has just REFUSED to dress up as Drop Dead Fred for a child with leukemia. You know? Probably a lot, right? “Please stop forwarding me these Drop Dead Fred Make-A-Wish requests, Susan. You know my stance.” GAH-ROSS, Rik Mayall. He is probably like that ALL the time.