That’s Your Girlfriend: Augmented Reality Girlfriend

People always used to judge you for your lack of skill with women. “Hey, where’s your girlfriend?” they’d ask. “Oh yeah, YOU DON’T HAVE ONE AND NEVER WILL.” They’d interrupt, laughing, before you could even muster a response. Kids can be so heartless, and so, so dumb. Those were rough and lonely days, for sure, but who’s the one laughing now? Huh? Who’s the one laughing now, with the super hot perfect girlfriend modelled after the immensely popular anime popstar Hatsune Miku, whom you can see and interact with in reality after hacking some sort of Kinect something or other and putting on some sort of nerd goggles? A girlfriend who lets you pat her on the head and move her tie around and PROBABLY OTHER (GROSS) THINGS? You. You are the one with the anime girlfriend with whom you can slightly interact with in reality. You are the one laughing now. Those guys had no idea that the guy they were messing with was such a stud.

You love her and, more importantly, she loves you back. Even when you hit her on the head in a way that is more than slightly disconcerting, since the title of this video is “Date with Hatsune Miku in Augmented Reality environment.” But nevermind that. Just another way people don’t “GET” your relationship. This is for you two to enjoy, and for goodness’ sake, you’re going to enjoy it. (Via Neatorama.)