San Diego’s Firework Mistake Was Also Maybe San Diego’s Firework Improvement

The idea of a fireworks show is always a very exciting and promising idea, I think. “It’s going to be so beautiful,” you say to yourself. “I love fireworks.” “I cannot wait to see fireworks.” “I wish we could watch fireworks together every week.” “The gold ones that turn glittery when they fall are my favorite, can’t wait to see some of those bad boys.” Those are all examples of things that people have maybe said. But in practice — and especially in practice the night before you have to go to work in the morning, when you are so thirsty but you’re on a friend’s roof and would have to walk down eight flights of stairs to get a glass of water, and also you’re so tired and dirty from being on the roof and being at a barbecue earlier and it is so hot outside and you so badly just want to go home and take a shower and go to sleep — fireworks can be a little one-note. Beautiful, for sure, NO ONE is saying that fireworks aren’t beautiful, but the show is always somewhere around 80% longer than necessary. If we’re being honest with ourselves. Last night in San Diego, the city’s fireworks display (which was billed as being “bigger and more intense than in past years,” LOL) accidentally went off all at the same time, awww, and it is being talked about as an error, but, uh, maybe it was not as much of an error as everyone is saying? 15 seconds of the loudest noise you’ve ever heard and all the fireworks at once and then you can go home and go to bed? THAT SOUNDS GREAT! Here, see if it looks great to you:

“BOOM.” – Those fireworks. Nice job, boys. Very efficient. If we could have this instead of a normal fireworks display and then just distribute some of those illegal fireworks that look like real fireworks randomly around everyone’s neighborhood, I think we could all have a pretty pleasant next fourth of July. Thank you, San Diego. You stupid genius. (Via Geekologie.)