Is Tom Hiddleston People’s Sexiest Man Alive???

People Magazine’s yearly declaration of the “sexiest man alive” is one of the world’s most important and sought-after things that a magazine no one cares about can call you. Last year the winner was Not Ryan Gosling, a mistake that People Magazine and everyone else will never hear the end of, ever, for the rest of both our lives. (It does makes you wonder, though, how many scorpion jackets do we have to send to the People offices before they correct their mistake?) (IT HAS BEEN MONTHS.) But this year a group of people are taking some preventative measures — an online petition, to be sent to People on July 9 — to make sure that their Ryan Gosling, Tom Hiddleston, doesn’t get looked over in the same way, so they don’t have to feel the pain the rest of us feel to this day. From the petition:

Tom Hiddleston is an actor who personifies sexy and we want People Magazine to know it.

Sexy by definition is handsome, physically appealing and exciting. But sexy is so much more than that. It’s the way a person moves, the way they speak, what they stand for, what they do and how they live. It’s a fierce intelligence that amazes you with its insight. It’s a sense of humor that creates laughter as easily as it relishes it. It’s a joyful laugh and a perfect smile. It’s a friendly, pleasant demeanour and a welcoming personality. It is a man who speaks several languages, works tirelessly for his craft and likes to dance.

Webster’s Dictionary defines “sexy” as OH JUST GIVE IT TO TOM HIDDLESTON. So what do you think, guys? Tom Hiddleston? Have you signed the petition already? Has he hosted SNL yet? Do you think we can send the same petition to both People and SNL? Please vote in our poll, after the jump, and also sign the petition so finally someone who speaks several languages and likes to dance can GET WHAT HE DESERVES.

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Thank you for your vote. We will find out who the sexiest man alive is in, like, December. (Via ONTD.)