Today We All Wish We Were This Child Drinking From A Hose

There’s an article from the New York Times online section that’s been going around a lot in the past few days (“going around a lot” honestly just meaning that I’ve seen a few people post it on Facebook) (but I’m sure it’s going around a lot, even OUTSIDE of my extended family) by Tim Kreider, called “The Busy Trap.” It essentially rallies against the idea of “keeping busy” when the busyness is largely self-imposed and can be done without, and talks about the benefits of taking time to relax and reflect. I mean, you can read it yourself. It will only take a few minutes. But that’s basically what it is and what I got out of it is that I WOULD LIKE TO BE ON A BEACH RIGHT NOW INSTEAD OF ANYWHERE ELSE! At one point, Tim Kreider describes his day (or, I guess, the days he used to have) (because he’s busier now?) (just read the thing) as waking up in the morning, writing for a few hours, going on a bike ride, and then hanging out with friends. What? That sounds great! Why don’t we all just do that? Because we can’t? And Tim Kreider does also admit that obviously we cannot all do that but that we should just take some small idea of purposeful stillness away from his incredible lifestyle? And also I meant to bring this back around to the idea of wanting to be the child in the upcoming video, who is so free of pain and responsibility, gleefully drinking water from a hose in her swimsuit with a few dogs in the summer sun? But now that seems like it would take a lot more rambling and I think you all get it anyway and we should just enjoy the video together for a moment and relax? Great.

Yes, today we are not all this child drinking water from a hose with some dogs, but we certainly wish we were. And that is at least something.*(Via Neatorama.)

*Or maybe it isn’t. Let’s just please go to the beach already.