Louie Open Thread

Louie! It’s back! OUR generation’s Game of Thrones! Who will sit on the ice cream throne?! Look, I don’t know how much there really is to say about this show, or really any show that is funny and thoughtful and well-crafted. “Uh, it’s very good!” That’s most of what there is to say. On the other hand, I know for a FACT that every single person who reads this site watched it, so why not take this opportunity, as a family, to stop complaining all the time and talk about something we enjoy. AND ALSO EAT YOUR PEAS THEY ARE GOOD FOR YOU I AM NOT SURE HOW I JUST KNOW THIS IS TRUE. Last night’s premiere touched on aging and petulance and relationships and maturity and also we saw that Louie’s ex-wife is black, which I swear to God I have seen people talk about more than anything else already and it’s only 11AM because we live in post-racial America just kidding. (Can you believe it?! Yes. Who cares?! Grow up.) So? Guys? Louie? Guys?