People Tripping Is Always Funny, Should Be Mandatory

Ha ha! Maybe Mike Bloomberg (he’s the mayor of New York, for those readers who live with their parents) should pass a decree (I know how mayors work) putting uneven stairs in every subway station. Sure, it would probably cause some headaches for the city which is already struggling with some budgetary gaps, both from the cost of installing the new, worse stairs, and then from the ensuing lawsuits from people whose faces are broken open like a piece of fruit, but it would be hilarious and it would keep the citizens of this fine city constantly alert, i.e. CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE, the two qualities that make New York City one of the greatest cities in the world! “It is the world center of finance, art, and falling down stairs.” And that is why we need to elect Michael Bloomberg to an historic third term. OH WAIT! (Via ViralVideos.)