The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

Holy moly, I cannot believe it is just now Wednesday afternoon and we are just now getting to the animal video countdown. WHAT A WEEK! It feels like months ago that I was sent the adorable otter video that, spoiler, you’re going to be watching soon, only a few hours late to have made it into last week’s cut. But no, it was not months ago. It was only a week ago. And time has slowed down to its slowest point because I think maybe someone accidentally set their Click remote to “Slow,” and if you own a Click remote and don’t think that it was you, I’d like to ask you now to check your Click remote just to make sure because my goodness. And while you’re at it, can we get a little FF here? I know the point of the movie is that you’re just supposed to use the FF, but just, let’s watch these videos and then maybe you can hit the FF just for like a second? That would be great. Thank you! Here are some videos! They’re great!

10. Cat Crossing A Bridge

9. Dachshund Puppy Vs Crab

8. Hedgehog Eating A Carrot

7. Cat Playing Guitar During An Earthquake

6. This Cat Is Gonna Be On YouTube

5. Sleeping Piglets

4. Four White Tiger Cubs

3. Turtle Eating A Raspberry

2. Mama Bear Lifting A Garage Door

1. Adorable Sea Otter Pup

Congratulations, otter! I’m sorry we all had to wait so long for you to receive the place in the animal countdown that you deserve! Congratulations to you too, mama bear! You’re scary and proud! Turtle eating a raspberry is just the dumbest and cutest thing and also kind of represents how slowly this week has been going by, like we talked about before. The tiger cubs and piglets are just adorable. Hooray videos! Hooray us! Hooray FF button on the Click remote!