Welcoming Jennifer Lawrence, Our Newest Ryan Gosling

It’s hard to keep track of all the celebrities coming out as heros lately (like remember when Mila Kunis did, for instance?) (VERY hard to keep track), but it’s important to take a moment and recognize each one for their beauty, bravery, and ability to not just stand by and let Non-Celebrities pass out on their lawn. Today’s celebrity hero is Jennifer Lawrence. From The Daily Mail:

It appears actress Jennifer Lawrence is just as heroic off-screen as she rushed to the aid of a sick woman yesterday.

The 21-year-old was standing outside her apartment complex in Santa Monica when a woman walking past suddenly collapsed on the grass.

Jennifer and a male bystander rushed to her aid and tried to rouse her before calling paramedics.
In the end, a group of six police officers and a paramedic turned up to assist the woman, who was later given the all-clear by medical staff.

Thank you, Jennifer Lawrence, and thank YOU, handsom-ish male bystander. It’s only too bad that you couldn’t at least offer to ride in the ambulance with the woman, seeing as there was no ambulance riding involved, that we know of. This puts you somewhere below Patrick Dempsey, on the level of, let’s say, Dustin Hoffman. Congratulations anyway! Though it is weird that — just like Patrick Dempsey AND Mila Kunis — this Celebrity Hero scenario kind of just came to your doorstep. A little suspicious, actually! If you’re going to stage an act of heroism you can at least do it on set, like Brad Pitt! Celebrities, take note! And keep up the good work! You’re all my heros!