Life Is A Lot Like Throwing A Bag Of Garbage Into A Volcano

Life is a lot like throwing a bag of garbage into a volcano. You climb up a big mountain that’s next to the lava lake with a big bag of organic garbage that is supposed to represent a human, so you can test if a human falling from that distance would penetrate the lava lake, and you throw the garbage into the lava lake, and then it goes right into the lava lake. You know? Just like life. And you think, “Why do I even try?” And then you remember, “To get results.” And then you jump into the lava lake, too. And then everyone jumps into the lava lake, each one disappearing more quickly than the last. And now everyone is in the lava lake and we’re all lava people, and we raise our children as lava people, and it is a Heaven on Earth. (Via ViralViral.)