Monday Afternoon Girls News Round-Up!

This weekend, while you were busy going to the beach, or getting some stuff done, or going to the movies, or having a nice dinner, or breaking up with your significant other, or WHATEVER you were doing, the world was busy making some Girls-related news that you probably — up until this moment — had no idea about. That is so typical “you.” Where’s your head at? Honestly? To catch you up so you know what everyone’s talking about at lunch today, here is the first bit of news from the New York Post, about how Mayor Bloomberg likes Girls because he hopes it’ll inspire people to move to this god damn ghost town:

“We love the show for inspiring people to move to New York City and become the ‘voice of a generation,’ as Hannah would say,” Mayor Bloomberg said, quoting Dunham’s character, Hannah Horvath, a 23-year-old aspiring memoirist who believes her struggles are emblematic of her peers.

The mayor — who had a cameo in the “Sex and the City” movie that ended up on the cutting-room floor — has his SAG card ready if Dunham can work him into a script.

“They need only whistle and we’d show,” said Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson, adding that “Girls” fever has swept City Hall.

“We’re obsessed,” Wolfson said. “It’s the big water-cooler topic of conversation Monday morning in the bullpen.”

Oh, great! “I’m really coming around to Adam, which is kind of soooo surprising for me?” – Mayor Bloomberg. My hope is that Mayor Bloomberg has a cameo as Jessa’s baby, because your second piece of news is that Jemima Kirkeman, who plays Jessa, is pregnant! Congratulations to Jemima Kirkeman and to Mayor Bloomberg! And your third and final bit of news, about how there may be an exciting Girls-themed activity in our future, comes to us from the New York Times:

Given that this show about four single New York women is endlessly compared to “Sex and the City,” it seems natural to wonder if tour companies might organize bus treks around the “Girls” stamping grounds.

Last Tuesday, the question was put to Georgette Blau, the owner of On Location Tours. Her Manhattan-based company has turned pockets of the West Village into a tourist trap of sorts by ferrying busloads of would-be Carries from Cleveland to “Sex and the City” haunts like the Magnolia Bakery and the Pleasure Chest erotic shop.

“It is very interesting that you ask that question,” Ms. Blau said. “Approximately 37 minutes ago, we had that discussion.”

Yes yes yes yes yes! Cannot wait for Gabe to go on the Girls tour and tell us about all the street corners and cafes he sees. Anyone who sees a cafe gets a t-shirt. #gabegirlstour2012.

This has been your Monday afternoon Girls news round-up. Thank you and goodnight!