Science: It’s A Girl Thing!

Hey, ladies! As you and I both know, an unfortunate thing about the world we live in today is that there are still many gender-neutral things that are thought of, consciously or not, as “for guys.” Like, I don’t know, being the captain of a boat. Or being a pilot. Or being someone who orders whiskey at a bar and pretends they like it, even though both they and everyone else know that it tastes like rotten bananas mixed with burnt garbage. But the EU is trying to make a difference in one area that is, I suppose, thought to be for men, or is at least overly-populated by men: Science. They’re unveiling a new campaign, which will reach out to 27 EU members states, that intends to get girls excited about science, and OMG YOU GIRLS! Did u know that science is ALMOST EXACTLY a fashion show? & did u know when u walk into a science lab & a male scientist is there he will put on his glasses & look at u because u will be dressed like a sexy lady even tho u r a scientist too, because lipstick + nail polish? & did u know that in science, when u wear goggles, it’s like fashionable sunglasses only it’s goggles? & did u know that science IS A GIRL THING?

It’s weird that people are upset about this ad campaign. I don’t really see any problems with it, or how it does the exact opposite of what it intends to do, which is to tell girls that it’s ok to be into science, which in itself is a bit of an iffy idea to propose because it suggests that the opposite is a widely-held belief in a way that I don’t really think it is! W/e BOYS! #ITSAGIRLTHING (Thanks for the tip, Bryan.)