Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Because it is raining, and when it’s raining something something something, here is a tumblr that is devoted to mashing up Bridesmaids with Game of Thrones. Your (no one’s) wish is the Internet’s command! -GameOfBridesmaids
  • One time Anderson Cooper was flying in a plane and called another adult “bitch” after that adult had attempted to take a picture of Anderson sleeping while he was sitting next to Johnny Weir. Ahhh, travel! So frustrating! -Dlisted
  • Charlie Sheen is going to play the president in some bologna movie (Machete Kills) because as it turns out you can have anyone play any role you want in any movie, because movies are fictional and it doesn’t matter at all! -FilmDrunk
  • Here is a great compilation of people slipping on slip-and-slides while you waste away in your 100 degree office and/or apartment. I couldn’t even IMAGINE wanting to play in a slip-and-slide right now! We’re all having too much fun right here!!!! -Hypervocal
  • The Week wants to know, do you think Anna Karenina is Keira Knightley’s ticket to the Oscar Winner party? I, for one, do not think so. Nothing against Keira Knightley OR Anna Karenina, but I just do not think so. -TheWeek
  • Transformers 4 is scaling back how many zillions of dollars are going to be spent on it. Can you guess how many fewer zillions it’s going to be? Test your brain! -SlashFilm
  • Danny Boyle’s playlist for the Olympics’ opening ceremony was released. FINALLY. Can you guess how many Sex Pistols songs are on it? I’ll give you a hint: more than one. Happy guessing! -Telegraph
  • I can’t imagine that this hasn’t been on the internet before, but here is a supercut of Annie gasping on Community. Rainy Fridays, right? Rainy Fridays. -TheDailyWhat