Entourage: The Movie Is On Its Way!

Somehow this news has been around for at least 48 hours already and I have yet to receive an AP Alert on my mobile phone about it, which is so upsetting because, you know, I just don’t know why I even have push notifications enabled when it CONTINUES to yet me down. But I guess it does only feel right that a treat such as this should be saved for a Friday — the day to celebrate things — anyway, sooooo. ENTOURAGE: THE MOVIE WILL PROBABLY BE COMING SOON! From CNN:

“As far as the status of the movie, I guess I could say it’s looking good and there is potential,” he told CNN last fall. “But in this business that really doesn’t mean much until you’re on set and you’re shooting.”

Well, Mark Wahlberg has news for Ferrara and fans of the show. The “Entourage” producer – and the inspiration behind the Vinny Chase story – told CNN over the weekend that the film should arrive sooner rather than later.

“[‘Entourage’ creator] Doug Ellin is actually right now writing the script as we speak,” Wahlberg said, also mentioning that he hopes the potential “Entourage” movie could be ready for a 2013 summer release. “He’s finally started writing and hopefully it won’t take too long now.”

ACTUALLY RIGHT NOW WRITING THE SCRIPT AS WE SPEAK? Is he done yet? How long does it take to write a script for a movie, like three hours? The movie is only going to be, at the very most, about an hour and 45 minutes, and then you have to write in the action too so that will probably take another hour, so I’m not sure why it would take him any longer than that. Take away his cell phone! No cocaine dessert until Doug Ellin finishes the script! Let’s get the ball rolling on this classic!