This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

Well, we already talked about The One True Movie Trailer this week. (“Kim, hide under the bed and listen very carefully: that one cashier at the bodega where we buy our almond milk is going to be taken.”) But there’s still some other movie trailers. There’s Look Who’s Twilight Too: 3 Part 4 Who Cares, but also a romantic comedy with Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones. You love Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones! Etc etc. Movies movies movies. Trailers trailers trailers.

Celeste and Jesse Forever

This looks great! I love a good romantic comedy and this looks like a good romantic comedy. THE END.


Haha. Aww! Considering how crazy popular comic book movies are these days, it’s always sad to see a low budget one that nobody cares about. Poor Judge Dredd! FOREVER ALONE, RIGHT, INTERNET? I do like that there’s a drug called SLOW MO though. Good drug.

Monsters University

Sure. Yes. Good. Although I saw somewhere that Billy Crystal riffed so hard for these promos that there are actually, like, 40 different versions of it or something? That’s exhausting just in theory.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2

It’s almost impossible how much I don’t care about this!

Anna Karenina

Or this!