Taken 2 International Trailer, You Guys

AHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Look, Taken was great. So fun. And I’m excited for Taken 2. I bet it’s great and so fun. But the fact that he actually says “Listen to me carefully, Kim. Your mother is going to be taken”? DING DONG, WE’RE GONNNA NEED SOME MORE ACADEMY AWARDS. That’s amazing. So this movie is basically just The Hangover 2 but with Liam Neeson and Krav Maga? I’LL TAKE IT. Whatever, it’s going to be perfect. “But how did a ring of international criminals manage to airlift their compatriots bodies from various crime scenes to give them a sacred burial on some peaceful hill? Wouldn’t the police have been swarming over all of those safehouses and makeshift brothels?” You’re already asking questions? JUST ENJOY LIFE, MY MAN!