Charlie Sheen Reveals The Incredible True Story Of Why He Was Fired From Two And A Half Men

One of Hollywood’s greatest mysteries is why Charlie Sheen — world class actor with a bill of perfect mental heath — was fired from his incredibly successful sitcom, Two and a Half Men. As the past year has crept by slowly without an answer, most of us have resigned ourselves to the fact that we will never know. It hardly even keeps us up at night anymore. Just one of those things like whether or not God exists, and if God doesn’t exist then why is there only one set of footprints when you walk in the sand, and also clocks? We assumed we’d never have an answer…that is, UNTIL TODAY!!! From Playboy:

SHEEN: Remember that scene where he’s a blind white supremacist who doesn’t know he’s black? Have you seen it? It’s the funniest thing in the world. He becomes a Klansman, and he’s railing against black people. It’s insanely brilliant.

PLAYBOY: We’re familiar with it. “If anyone’s gonna have sex with my sister, it’s going to be me.”

SHEEN: Right. It’s f—ing hilarious. I’d never seen it, and I laughed myself into a hernia. That is 100 percent true.

PLAYBOY: So forget Chuck Lorre, forget Warner Bros. and CBS. It’s Dave ­Chappelle’s fault that you got fired?

SHEEN: It’s his fault. There you go. Dave Chappelle cost me my job.

It’s his fault. There you go. Seeing Dave Chappelle’s “Clayton Bigsby” sketch (scene, that is) for the first time: the perfect excuse for almost anything. FINALLY, WE WILL HAVE SOME PEACE! (Via Entertainment Weekly.)