The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

As you may remember, Gabe already posted one of the best animal videos from this week on Monday afternoon. It’s fine! No one is upset about it. No one was really excited about that duck video when they saw it and knew they’d place it at least CLOSE to number one in their animal video countdown that week and it’s all totally fine. I mean, it’s true that we all AT LEAST got to enjoy that duck video together, no matter how we did. Right? We have to remember the good things in life or we’ll never make it through. But, like, that was one of the best ones. So you should watch that one again. What else do you guys want to talk about? Did anyone get a minipig THIS week? Do you have an answer to the question about how affectionate they are yet? On a scale of cat to dog? PLZ LET ME KNOW IF YES. Is everyone’s day going a little better now that they know they have a bunch of animal videos to watch all in one place? Great. Perfect. Mine too. Ok so shut up let’s watch them already!

10. Three Goats Bullying A Dog Who Just Does Not Care

9. Corgi Puppies With A Box

8. Dog Meets Penguin

7. Kitten Has A Lot To Say

6. Baby Bat Gets Hiccups

5. Real Keyboard Cat

4. Seal Burping For 8 Seconds

3. Dog Surfing Competition

2. Baby Meets Chimp

1. Little Loving Money

OH MY GOD I WANT THAT MONKEY TO HUG MY HEAD RIGHT NOW! What a cute monkey! AHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! So good. Great video, guys. You only needed to film yourself having a wonderful time and now it’s the #1 video in the most influential top 10 animal video countdown in the world. Congratulations. The second video, of the baby playing with the money through the glass, could seem a bit mean, but the way I see is that the monkey and the baby are probably in the same spot. “Why can’t I play with this thing? What is this hard surface between us? Why can’t we play?” If you think of it that way, the only mean people are the parents. Throw that baby in the monkey cage! Let those two guys play! Real keyboard cat and dog surfing competition seem like obvious choices. As does seal burping. You get it. Congratulations, guys! Everyone’s a winner because everyone got to see these videos, hooray!