Is Leonardo DiCaprio Actually This Woman From A Yearbook?

Hey, we can’t just sit around talking about dumb stuff that doesn’t matter all day. At some point we have to get serious and actually use our brains, because we are adults and if we don’t use our brains we’re going to get depressed, and then the depression is just going to fuel our apathy towards thinking, and then before you know it our brains will just melt out of our ears and then we won’t be able to think even if we wanted to, and then what will we do. Soooo. Is Leo DiCaprio actually this woman from this random yearbook who vaguely looks like him, or is he not? What do you think? Yes or no? “Yes” for if you think he is this woman from a yearbook, “no” for if you don’t think he’s this woman from a yearbook. Remember that this is just a thought exercise, there is no right answer! (Via BuzzFeed.)