Is That All There Is?

We are definitely all up in summer’s guts at this point. Summer doesn’t even start for a few more days as far as ZEUS is concerned, but if the Internet is any indication, everyone’s lying on the floor with a damp dishrag plastered to their forehead. Ain’t nothing going on! What do you guys want to talk about? I just read the whole New Yorker profile of Ben Stiller from this week’s issue hoping there would be something to spark a conversation, but while it does a pretty good job of describing the conflict an international movie star might feel between his market-proven appeal and his darker artistic ambitions, the article totally fails to convey the wished-for sense of Ben Stiller’s life as some kind of “tortured artist” thing. I think he’s doing pretty well, Tad Friend. Like, really really well. So that’s a no go. And now it’s only Monday and we’re already dipping into this week’s Petting Zoo because the cuteness of this baby duck just don’t quit? Don’t leave me here alone! Where are you going, let’s hang out here for awhile! This girl knows what I’m talking about:

If that’s all there is to the summer Internet, then let’s keep BLOGGING!