Friends Cast Members CONTINUE To Deny Fans A Reunion Special

We all wonder what Joey’s been up to these days. We all wonder if Ross ever got the respect he deserved from Phoebe for being a paleontologist, and if Monica and Chandler’s children inherited Chandler’s sardonic wit and Monica’s penchent for cleanliness. We wonder if Rachel something about fashion something. We wonder Gunther. We stuck with our Friends for roughly 30 years when they were on TV, and now it’s just like, you know: What? What are they doing? How are they? Hellooo? Guys? Where’d you go? I just need to check in with you one last time just to make sure you’re ok and then I’ll be totally fine, but right now I just need to know you’re ok, OK? Just please. I just need to see how you’re doing right now and then I’ll go away forever, I PROMISE!!!! But no, apparently that’s just TOO BAD FOR US, SAYS MATT LEBLANC (ALSO SAYS JENNIFER ANISTON BACK IN FEBRUARY)! From EW:

That show was about a finite period of time, before you got married and went off to start your life with a family. It was that magical time that everyone can relate to. To see what we’re all doing now… It’s almost like the book is better than the movie. I don’t want to see old Joey. I don’t want to see Chandler and Monica with their kids that are [raising a hand a few feet off the ground] this big now. I’d rather imagine that. Everyone’s going to have different vision of what those characters are like, so to have that materialize is going to disappoint most people. A couple of people will go, ‘That’s what I thought!’ but for the most part it’s going to let people down. It’s better to let them just think.

Oh please, WHAT BOOK HAS EVER BEEN BETTER THAN THE MOVIE? If you’re going to ruin our dreams, at least don’t ruin them with stuff that doesn’t even make any sense! Talk about letting people down, Matt LeBlanc. Here we all are, Tweeting and Tumbling and SMSing about wanting a Friends reunion special pretty much nonstop, and then this guy comes in and just knocks the wind out of us. How dare he. How dare he tell us what will disappoint us. How we doin’, Matt LeBlac? Are you wondering how we doin’? Well, WE DOING NOT SO GOOD! Plz email [email protected] and tell him that you want a reunion special. Together we can make this happen! Also send him recliners! YES! WE! CAN! (Thanks for the tip, Tracey.)